General Websites for Young People

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Helpful Information and Resources to share with Young People:

Mental Health Resource

Head Desk is a mental health culture resource which includes graphic novels, comics and drawings, because “When it comes to difficult emotions, talking is really important. But sometimes pictures are better than words.”


National Health Services Directory

Find your local health services by selecting the service you are looking for and entering your location and postcode into the search engine.


VicHealth Healthy Living Apps Guide

VicHealth App

Find out things like – if you’re old enough to have sex, how old you have to be to go to the doctor by yourself, the laws on sexting etc.

Am I Old Enough?

Social Media Apps

Download the social media fail app.  This game further highlights the dangers of social media, and the impact this can have on future employment.  Help Eek, Bully, Miley, Flash and Grog remove the damaging items from their social media whilst leaving the positive items intact.

Do you have what it take to not be a social media wrecking ball? Find App here…

Ask Me Anything

(heartfelt answers to 65 anonymous questions from teenage girls) by Rebecca Sparrow

The perfect big sister book, full of advice, wisdom and humour. Set out in an easy-to-read, open-at-any-page format, Ask Me Anything covers deeply personal and real questions girls want to ask and find a trusted answer for.

The New Manhood by Steve Biddulph

A handbook for men of all ages.

Girl Stuff by Kaz Cooke

This book is written especially for girls in their teens and has everything you need to know about confidence, friends, body changes, phones & social media, shopping, clothes, make-up, pimples, sizes, hair, guys, embarrassment, what to eat, moods, smoking, why diets suck, handling love and heartbreak, exercise, school stress, sex, beating bullies and mean girls, drugs, drinking, how to find new friends, cheering up, how to get on with your family, and confidence and handling money.

Puberty Boy by Geoff Price

This light hearted, plain speaking and honest book tells you what puberty is, when it happens and how your bodies will change, and answer any questions you might have.