Clarendon Medical Centre

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Clarendon Medical Centre welcomes young people.  Young people aged 16+ are able to attend the service independently (without a parent or legal guardian).  You are required to have a Medicare number (you don’t have to physically present the card, as long as you have the number).  If you are unable to access your Medicare number, if you can provide identification (ID) staff may be able to help source your Medicare number for you.

It is preferred that young people under the age of 15 be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult such as a relative, social worker or school support person.

If you are under the age of 15 and do not have an adult available to accompany you, you can talk to the Clarendon Medical Centre staff about options.
A GP can assist you with your physical and mental health.  Some topics you may choose to talk to a GP about include: stress, sleep disturbance, sadness/depression, anxiety, suicide, self harm, obtaining a mental health plan, asthma education, contraception, family planning and pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), immunisation and referral to other specialised services such as psychologists and physiotherapists.